The Challenge

As Paige Rense once said, “Everyone has…in some quiet corner of his mind, an ideal home waiting to become a reality.”

When selling your home, it needs to resonate with that ideal people carry in their minds. But it’s not always easy. Selling your home can be a complicated, time-consuming and demanding effort. It can also be emotionally and financially draining, requiring tough choices to be made.

Selling your home is made even more difficult by the complexity of the real estate market. It’s far too vast, complicated and full of pitfalls for most people to negotiate by themselves. That’s where a real estate professional such as myself proves valuable.

I know how to sell homes quickly and at the highest value. My average of listing to sales price is within 2% with most homes selling at or above list price (some with multiple offers), and they usually sell sooner than the average time on the market. Using tried and true methods, I will help you prepare your home for sale by focusing on the things that matter most to Buyers.