Getting Financially Ready

In today’s marketplace, your credit pre-approval can mean the difference between winning the home of your dreams and losing it to another Buyer who already has their financing in place. This is the world we’re in: Buyers are applying for their loans and obtaining loan approval BEFORE they find the home they want to buy.

The benefits:

  • You look at homes in the right price range.
  • You can often save money dealing with a comfortable Seller.
  • You close more quickly.
  • You minimize the trauma of not knowing whether you can qualify.

You are in a stronger position to negotiate with the Seller, because as a pre-approved Buyer, you appear nearly as strong as an all-cash Buyer: the Seller’s risk in taking your offer is greatly reduced.

I believe the purchase money decision-buying the money for your home purchase, is so important that I recommend it as one of the first steps. Therefore, I encourage you to get the process started today by calling either of the following:

Deb Still
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
(425)451-1669 x232

Nancy Dennehy
M&T Mortgage Corporation

Take the time to interview Deb or Nancy. Talk about the different programs available, and schedule a confidential, no-obligation meeting with them. They will help you sort through the maze of loan programs and requirements so you can be confident that when you find the home of your dreams, you will have the money you need to make that home YOUR home.