What Should I Do With my Dog When Selling my Home?

I am often asked by dog owners who are thinking of selling:

“What should I do with my dog when selling my home?”

This is a tough question! Many of my sellers are indeed dog owners whose dogs have a variety of things they do during the day when their owners are not at home. Some let their dogs roam free in the home. Others have dog runs outside. Still others keep them in a bathroom or garage when not home.

However, once you put your home on the market, it is imperative to have a plan for your pooch. Agents and their potential buyers will be in and out of your home throughout the day, and all those strangers through can make even the best-behaved pets a bit edgy and unpredictable. Furthermore, having pets in the home can make potential buyers nervous. Finally, the potential for having a pet accidentally get out of the home and take off is just too great.

The best plan? Unfortunately it is to remove them from the home while there is the potential for a showing when you are not home.

Consider friends or family members who may be able to care for Fido when you are out. There are also a number of “doggie daycares” that are great for these types of situations. If this is not possible, you may be able to crate the dog or put them in a dog run outside, but if it has a tendency to bark, growl, or howl, this is not a solution that is good for the buyer…or your dog.

And of course, all pet stains and smells should be taken care of. If pet hair is a problem, sweep and vacuum before leaving each day in the event you have a showing.

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